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Halloween Props

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Scene Setters

If you are looking for a great way to save space and decorate your house at the same time, then these Halloween Scene Setters are the perfect purchase. They are guaranteed to turn your home into a frightening Halloween spectacle, and the best thing about them is that most of these decorations lay flat on the ceilings or walls. You might have the proper lighting, terrifying props, and the freaky music just right, but there's no reason to leave your walls the same un-frightening, normal color they always are.

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Black them out, and make it extra dark for your mini-haunted house, or put up a scene from your favorite horror movie, and make that the theme for your party.

It's Halloween, so you're trying to create a torturous atmosphere. Nothing should be the way it was yesterday, and that especially means your ceilings and walls. These decorations are inexpensive, but extremely freaky. Make it look like a spirit is breaking through your ceiling from another dimension, or just beyond your wall is a haunted forest that contains an axe murderer. All it takes s a great imagination and an even better scene setter.

You run a very tight, very organized home, but once a year all hell breaks loose, and it turns into the house from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Have some fun this year, throw a party for your friends, and make them feel the hair raising horror and gut wrenching spooks they loved so much as a kid, with these excellent scene setters.