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Halloween Props

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Science Fiction Props

Create a look that is out of this world with our science fiction props. Whether you want some cool collectibles for your shelves, a creepy puppet prop for your sci-fi costume, or an alien statue to spook your guests, our selection of quality decorations and accessories. You can go either scary or full-out nerdy to show your love for futuristic movies.

  • Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet
    Wearable Display Darth Vader Helmet
    Reg: $899.99
  • Yoda Life-size Statue
    Yoda Life-size Statue
    Reg: $599.99
  • The Monster Full Size Prop
    The Monster Full Size Prop
    Reg: $439.99
  • Frankenstein Assault Full Size Animated Prop
    Frankenstein Assault Full Size Animated Prop
    Reg: $9,699.99
  • It Lives Full Size Animated Prop
    It Lives Full Size Animated Prop
    Reg: $489.99
  • Green Alien Inflatable Prop
    Green Alien Inflatable Prop
    Reg: $89.99
  • Roswell Alien Bust
    Roswell Alien Bust
    Reg: $96.99
  • Star Trek TNG Phaser
    Star Trek TNG Phaser
    Reg: $12.99
  • Alien Chamber Inflatable Prop
    Alien Chamber Inflatable Prop
    Reg: $114.99
  • Crashed UFO Inflatable Prop
    Crashed UFO Inflatable Prop
    Reg: $144.99
  • Alien Robot Inflatable Prop
    Alien Robot Inflatable Prop
    Reg: $174.99
  • Mini Alien Hanger Prop
    Mini Alien Hanger Prop
    Reg: $9.99
  • Giant Alien Leader
    Giant Alien Leader
    Reg: $129.99
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Stand-up props create an awesome display for your Halloween or sci-fi movie event. Fans of classic movies like Star Trek and Star Wars will get a kick out of our collectors props of characters from the shows. A Chewbacca head or other character collectibles will look great in your collection cabinet. Full-size figures can stand guard over your snack table at a party or greet trick-or-treaters at the door. A scary space ship or UFO theme can be an interesting take on typical Halloween themes. Strobe lights and other themed items can also add to your space decorations. Even your party foods can get in on the fun with lime green jello or other sci-fi snacks.

Costume accessories like an alien puppet can turn your ensemble into something truly unique. A baby alien prop or other puppet can make for a realistic and creepy touch to any space age look. Other science themed items can be used to line a shelf or table at your party or sit on your front porch as part of your outdoor decorations.

Create a new planet full of aliens with our science fiction accessories.