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Halloween Props

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Vampire Props

Go for a classic Gothic theme with our vampire props and decorations. Vampires are a classic Halloween monster. From pale seductresses to deformed and demonic terrors, vampires have captured the imagination for centuries. Dracula is among the most famous blood-suckers, but there have been many designs and reinventions of this traditional creature. Some designs are more bat-like, some are elegant nobles, and others are corrupted and monstrous humanoid forms. Look to movies like Twilight, Underworld, and Blade for inspiration you can use to create the ultimate vampire experience. Add some sanguine fright to your Halloween event with our vampire decorations and costume accessories.

  • Coffin Dracula upright
    Coffin Dracula upright
    Below Cost : $559.99
    Reg: $849.99
  • Cut Off Gothic Vampire Head
    Cut Off Gothic Vampire Head
    Reg: $29.99
  • Dracula Grave Buster
    Dracula Grave Buster
    Below Cost : $42.99
    Reg: $89.99
  • Gothic Vampire Head
    Gothic Vampire Head
    Reg: $19.99
  • Vampiress Sexy Prop
    Vampiress Sexy Prop
    Below Cost : $199.99
    Reg: $304.99
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Decorating for a haunted theme has a big effect on your party experience. A hanging bat or standing vampire and coffin prop can create a life-sized scare or two. Hang animatronic dropping vampires or wispy vampiress props from your ceiling or porch awnings to create a swooping figure. Vampires with drained faces and tattered robes are a simple yet effective way to add some scares to your Gothic themed Halloween celebration. More sinister looking monsters will give a different take on vampires than the usual Victorian-style nobles.

Once you've placed all your vampire decorations, you can enhance your outfit with items like vampire puppets and costume accessories. A small vampire pet or vampire bride's severed head can add to your Van Helsing hunter ensemble. These vampy props add a special twist to a typical vampire ensemble. So create a blood-suckingly beautiful Halloween event with our vampire decorations and props.

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