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Disney Costumes

Disney Costumes

The magical world of Disney; From the magical and fairy tale lands of Snow White to the present world of High School musical, Disney characters have been stimulating the imagination of children for many generations. Here at Costume SuperCenter, we offer a huge selection of Disney Costumes of every popular Disney character and movie. Whether they are classical or modern, Disney characters and movies have won the fans of all ages all over the world: fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White, where an unlikely princess finds true love; the story of Pinocchio, teaching the importance of honesty to small children; or the adventures of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean that captured the imagination of audiences of all ages.

Regardless if you want to journey through strange and foreign lands like Alice in Wonderland or meeting your prince charming like Cinderella, Costume has everything you need from costumes and accessories fit for both children and adults. We have a wide selection of Disney fairy tale costumes from animals, princesses to heroes and everything else in between.

Whether you are commanding the army of Aslan in Narnia or reenacting your own version of Romeo and Juliet in High School musical is what you are interested in, Costume carries a huge range of modern Disney characters and movie adaptation costumes just for your needs. Be Knight Sir Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia, complete with helmet and sword, or command the seas as Captain Jack Sparrow with your rag tag bunch of pirates; at we have Disney costumes and accessories in stock for children and adults of all sizes.

Order any costume from our super selection of Disney costumes by 1PM and get same day shipping!