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Doctor Costumes / Nurse Costumes / Medical Costumes and Accessories

Skip the eight years of medical school and become a doctor for just one night with the many authentic looking doctor Halloween costumes available at Costume Super Center. Choose from authentic medical costumes that you could easily sneak into the ER with or take a spookier take on the get-up with zombie varieties.

We have medical outfits available for kids, adults, and plus size, so everyone can find the perfect costume for Halloween. The best part about these outfits is that they are inexpensive, comfortable, and basic enough to let you expand your creativity for a completely unique look. Are you looking to meet a gorgeous nurse at your Halloween parties this year? You can't go wrong with authentic doctor Halloween costumes, since ladies love a man in uniform. There is something about a professionally dressed doctor that attracts all of the ladies to you. With your flattering ensemble, you can exude the professionalism and skill of a doc without all the hassle of 16 hour shifts. Doctor costumes are also good for quick changes into and out of your Halloween gear because you can just throw the scrubs over your normal clothes.

Looking for something a bit scarier for Halloween? Try the Zombie Doctor Adult Costume which feature the same scrubs from basic doctor costumes in addition to a mask of rotting flesh and burning eyes, an exposed ribcage, and tattered clothing. The costume comes complete with a jug of fake blood to add extra horror and authenticity to your costume and keep it looking fresh and scarier than ever.

You can also enjoy a completely original doctor Halloween costume with the Dix Doctor Cockroach costume, which features basic attire with a cockroach mask for a completely surreal look. This medical costume will certainly grab the attention of everyone at the party with it's popping eyes and extended antennas for a look that is sure to either freak your guests out or make them double over with laughter.

Kids love dressing up to plan for their future, so why not let them plan for success with authentic costumes? The costume is great for use at plenty of other costume parties or for just general dress-up time. Whether they want to look professional or scary, there is a great doctor costume available for your little one.