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Downton Abbey Costumes

This year for Halloween, use the internationally acclaimed series Downton Abbey as inspiration for your costume. We have a wide selection of post-Edwardian era or Victorian outfits that will give you the aristocratic feel of the Downton Abbey Costumes just like the Crawley family's garb. The British television series is focused around this family and the servants of their home. The period piece pulls in references from historical events from the time the show spans as well. Even if you are not a fan of the show but are a history buff, you can still appreciate the style of dress and use it for inspiration this year. So make the wise choice of dressing in a look that is influenced by this very popular drama series.

For women, making a choice between all of the great options will be the toughest decision besides deciding on what your plans will be for the big night out. These looks are not the typical, reserved style of the proper Crawley ladies, but they will resemble them and be way more fun to wear. There are some seriously sexy, Victorian steampunk looks that will be irresistible to the wearer and those around them. They are full of great period details, such as petticoats, ruffle trim, and elegantly embellished sleeves. Also, a lot of beautiful fabrics are used to create different rich textures in these ensembles too. There are satiny fabrics, lace, and velvet to make you get into the role of being a high-class Crawley.

The men of Downton Abbey can also be represented with some great outfits for gentlemen. Following the Victorian theme, there is apparel that features rich fabrics and dark colors. These looks feature embellished vests and jackets, which were usually statement pieces in men's fashion during this time period. They will look very dapper if their look includes a cloak and top hat too. Even for a festive event, the Crawley men were dressed in proper attire to celebrate.

You will also want to add some opulent accessories to finish your high society, Downton outfit. There are plenty of choices to add to our women's looks. Add a decadent lace or beaded choker as a delicate touch, and there is a beautiful lace trimmed cloak to drape over your shoulders. A proper Victorian woman would never leave the house without her head covered, so there are some dainty, lace decorated hats too. Any of these complimentary accessories will surely be the perfect finishing touch.

This series has become such a television phenomenon that your theme will be easily detected. Have fun with dressing in your own interpretation of a Downton Abbey Costume with help from our vast collection of attire.