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Easter Costumes


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Easter Costume Accessories

Easter parades and pageants become fabulous spectacles when you go all out with the appropriate costumes and accessories. In fact, accessories give you the added realism and extra attention that makes your event come to life. Find everything you need for either a secular of religious event at a super low price.

  • Adult Brown Roman Sandals
    Adult Brown Roman Sandals
    Reg: $9.99
  • Brown Shepherds Crook
    Brown Shepherds Crook
    Reg: $5.99
  • Bunny Rabbit Tail
    Bunny Rabbit Tail
    Reg: $1.99
  • 48  Piece Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs
    48 Piece Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs
    Reduced Price: $4.92
    Reg: $5.99
  • Biblical Wig and Beard Set Child
    Biblical Wig and Beard Set Child
    Reg: $15.99
  • Glitter Eggs Easter Egg Decorating Kit (Each)
    Glitter Eggs Easter Egg Decorating Kit (Each)
    Our Price : $2.24
    Reg: $5.99
  • Bunny Rabbit Teeth
    Bunny Rabbit Teeth
    Reg: $0.99
  • Biblical Wig and Beard Set
    Biblical Wig and Beard Set
    Reg: $16.99
  • Cat Whiskers
    Cat Whiskers
    Reg: $1.99
  • Short Roman Sword
    Short Roman Sword
    Reg: $7.99
  • Roman Body Armor Adult
    Roman Body Armor Adult
    Reg: $19.99
  • Roman Wreath
    Roman Wreath
    Reg: $6.99
  • Caesar Laurel Leaf Crown
    Caesar Laurel Leaf Crown
    Reg: $31.99
  • Bunny Rabbit Nose
    Bunny Rabbit Nose
    Reg: $2.99
  • White Shepherds Crook 68 Inches
    White Shepherds Crook 68 Inches
    Reg: $5.99
123   View All

Easter accessories for parades, parties and egg hunts are very affordable and really enhance the event. Festive accessories include plastic Easter eggs that you can fill with treats, bunny ears, noses and whiskers and even a 21 inch foam carrot for the Easter Bunny. The children will look so cute wearing their bunny ears while searching for hidden Easter eggs.

Religious accessories turn an ordinary Easter pageant into an extraordinary passion play. Churches can recreate the Passion of Christ depicting his trial, suffering and crucifixion. Men portraying roman soldiers can carry swords and armor. People playing the parts of the apostles and onlookers can hold on to shepherd crooks. In addition, they can wear one of the many pairs of sandals we sell. Other Easter accessories include biblical wigs and beards and real rosary beads that you can have your priest or pastor bless for you.

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