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Easter Bunny Suits and Costumes

Before Peter Cottontail can come hopping down the bunny trail he needs to be properly attired. When choosing a Bunny Suit you need to consider several factors. The first one is color, the next is size and the third is price. The standard colors for them are white, gray or pink. They are made of plush material and feature a one-piece jumpsuit with either a hood or a headpiece. Usually, gloves and shoe covers are also included. We make bunny suits in standard sizes that fit up to a men's large and plus sizes that will fit a man up to six foot 3 inches tall and 300 pounds.

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As for price, Easter Bunny Suits range from the most economical to the most elite. For a fun holiday costume, any one will do but if you plan to be the center of attention, like a parade bunny, or for an appearance, opt for the higher quality professional Bunny mascot costumes.

If your Bunny Suit does not come with a full coverage headpiece, you can purchase a rabbit nose and rabbit teeth separately. Other accessories include a jumbo foam carrot and a Kold Vest to keep you cool and comfortable underneath the thick plush fabric.