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Fairy Costumes

Fairies are mystical winged creatures with magical powers. Fairies make it possible for all of your dreams to come true. Imagine having the power to spread happiness and joy to everyone you love? That's exactly what you can do in a fairy costume. You may not really have powers but your beauty will be mesmerizing. You will be absolutely enchanting in a Fairy Halloween costume. Fairies can be quite tiny or very large. Fairies come in all shapes and sizes and so does our selection. From the tiniest infant fairy costume to a plus size Pixie costume there is something for every age, style and taste.

Fairies are also known as pixies and sprites. Here you will see fairy costumes called by these names too. Some examples are the Woodland Sprite and the Plum Pixie. Simply stated, we want you to know that we offer many styles including the popular Tinkerbell. There are Fairy Halloween costumes for women, girls, and even a humorous Tooth Fairy for the men.

Many of our fairy costumes have special enhancements such as light up wings, wands or skirts. This adds to the mystical aspect of the outfit. You can also purchase special accessories that will make your costume even more special. Our accessories section has many items for your fairy costume. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and have a Fairy Happy Halloween!

Our fairy costumes will make you feel like your magical enough to fly.