Make Your Own Fake Blood

During the Halloween season, many people dress up in scary Halloween costumes. These creepy attires can be made more realistic with the use of special effects like putting on fake blood.

Fake blood, especially edible blood, is commonly used in theatrical performances and even in movies. Edible blood is especially helpful for kids halloween costumes. Here are some preparations in making edible fake blood used in stage performances and movies:

Here are some quick-and-easy fake blood recipes:

Gravy Blood

All you need is gravy granules, red food coloring, and hot water. Prepare the gravy as you would normally do. Then, make it thicker and add the food coloring.

Simple Fake Blood

Prepare clear corn syrup, red food coloring, and milk (optional). Pour corn syrup into a bowl and mix it with the red food coloring. Adding milk will create a thicker result.

Jelly Blood

First, heat 3-4 bottles of glycerin. Then, put in one cube of strawberry jelly and mix thoroughly. Put in 1/5 of a packet of gelatin and red food coloring. Continuously stir until properly mixed.

Flour-based Blood

Prepare a cup of water for every 1-3 tablespoons of floor and mix well before heating. Simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes until you get the desired texture. Let it cool then put red food coloring to get the blood-like color.

Gore Blood

You need 2/3 cup Oriental 'Cherry' dipping sauce, 1/3 cup water, red food coloring, and some drops of green food coloring. Thoroughly mix the dipping sauce with water to dilute the sauce. Add food coloring and stir again. Then let it cool. When used, the blood will drip in glop and globs.


Simply add red food coloring to liquid soap or laundry detergent. To achieve the desired blood-like color, add drops of blue food coloring or drips of coffee.

Using fake blood is a great to take Halloween or a theatrical performance to a new, exciting, and scary level.

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