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Friday 13th Costumes

Friday the 13th Costumes / Jason Voorhees Costumes

What could possible make Friday the 13th any more frightening? Make it in 3D! 2010's Friday the 13th Part II will be a shockingly bloody and disgusting thriller, and it will feel very real, almost as real as if Jason Voorhees himself was chasing you through Camp Crystal Lake with a machete. Jason terrified a generation of movie goers throughout the 1980s with his patented brand of blood and gore and now he is back - for you!

For many years Friday the 13th Halloween costume consisting of the unmistakable tattered clothes, hockey mask and bloody machete have been a favorite among boys and men. Even without the infamous background sound effects and music the Jason Voorhees costume is easily recognized as one of the scariest Halloween costumes ever made. Mask, machette or the full ensamble - whether you go with the classic Jason Voorhees costumes or an updated Friday the 13th Part II outfit, you can find it here at Costume SuperCenter with same day shipping when ordered before 4pm.

Run as fast as you can, as if Jason Voorhees were after you, to a computer and order your Friday the 13th costume and accessories before you miss Halloween!