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Girls Costumes

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Girls 60s Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to dress your children up in period style clothes in order to teach them about history. A hands-on look at the time period you grew up in will give your daughter an eye opening experience of your growing up years. If you love the styles of the 60s you might want to have your daughter dress up in that time period. There are several Halloween costume options for young ladies who want to dress up in girl's 60's costumes.

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  • Flower Power Child
    Flower Power Child
    Reduced Price: $17.99
    Reg: $26.99
  • Girl's 60's Mod Chic Costume
    Girl's 60's Mod Chic Costume
    Reg: $36.99
  • Girl's Flower Power Costume
    Girl's Flower Power Costume
    Reg: $32.99
  • Groovy Girl Child Costume
    Groovy Girl Child Costume
    Reg: $25.99
  • Girls Feelin Groovy Disco Costume
    Girls Feelin Groovy Disco Costume
    Reg: $29.97
  • Girl's Harmony Hippie Costume
    Girl's Harmony Hippie Costume
  • Girls British Invasion Costume
    Girls British Invasion Costume
    Reduced Price: $19.99
    Reg: $31.99
  • Girl's Go Go Girl Costume
    Girl's Go Go Girl Costume
    Reduced Price: $29.99
    Reg: $45.99
  • Girl's Peace-Out Daisy Costume
    Girl's Peace-Out Daisy Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Flower Power Child Costume
    Flower Power Child Costume
    Clearance Price: $17.99
    Reg: $49.99
  • Girl's Peace & Love Hippie Costume
    Girl's Peace & Love Hippie Costume
    Reg: $36.99
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When looking for a costume for the 1960s, you will find the best selection by shopping here since we sell many girl's 60's costumes. Your daughter will enjoy dressing up in these totally cool attire that describes the time period.

When choosing girl's 60's costumes you will want to consider what type of character your daughter wants to emulate. One option is the go-go dancer. These outfits are based on the mod girls of the 1960s with their mini dresses and white patent leather platform boots. The other style is for little angel with flower power - a hippie chick. These outfits consist of tie dyed shirts and peace sign motifs.

If your daughter is a musician that likes rock and roll she might want to dress up as a Woodstock Diva. If she dressed up like those that attended the famous Woodstock concert, she'll begin grooving like the top sixties musical groups. Don't forget to check out the Hippie costumes for those girls interested in that subculture of the 60s.

The 1960s was a time of radical change in the culture, especially for young women who were becoming more and more independent. Teach your daughter about that time period by having her wear girl's 60's outfits for Halloween. Check out the different variety of girl's 60's costumes online for your Halloween needs.