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Girls Costumes

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Girls Capes & Robes Costumes

When your daughter dons one of the girls' capes & robes for Halloween she will instantly feel as though she has taken on an amazing alter ego. These accessorizing pieces are the perfect way for your little one to embrace her creative side and participate in a variety of imagined adventures where she can take down super villains, create royal decrees, or transform into beloved fairytale characters for unlimited hours of imaginative play.

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In this section of the site you'll find a variety of capes that will make your daughter feel like a superhero! These flowing pieces of fabric will allow your little girl to portray some of her favorite female defenders of justice, like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. Other more general capes are perfect for encouraging your daughter's innovative side as she creates her own second self.

When it comes to being a ruler of the land, you already know that your little girl has what it takes. Make sure that she has the necessary garb to garner respect while in this role by equipping her with a queen's robe or a loose-fitting garment that's worthy of a princess.

With the diverse assortment of mesmerizing cloaks found here your daughter will be able to metamorphose into a dark bat, can transform into a mysterious vampiress, or will be equipped with the proper attire for an adventurous trek across any land!

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