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Girls Costumes

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Girls Dancewear Costumes

When it comes to purchasing girl's dancewear costumes you need to ensure that you get the right size, and the right style for what the little girl is dancing in. Not only can she feel graceful in the right girl's dancewear costumes but she can also take the entire stage. She will stand out from the rest when the time comes. You have the choice in making her one of the most beautiful girls on the stage. Look into some of the styles that are available below. When she is not in a recital these dance themed costumes are ideal for Halloween.

  • Girls Flamenco Girl Costume
    Girls Flamenco Girl Costume
    Reduced Price: $19.99
    Reg: $26.99
  • Spanish Princess Child
    Spanish Princess Child
    Reg: $29.97
  • Child Tutu Red
    Child Tutu Red
    Reg: $9.97
  • Girl's Pink Fairy Blooms Deluxe Dress
    Girl's Pink Fairy Blooms Deluxe Dress
    Reg: $64.99
  • Girl's Green Tutu
    Girl's Green Tutu
    Reg: $8.99
  • Child Tutu White
    Child Tutu White
    Reg: $8.99
  • Child Tutu Pink
    Child Tutu Pink
    Reg: $9.99
  • Girl's Purple & Fuchsia Dress Up Set
    Girl's Purple & Fuchsia Dress Up Set
    Reg: $14.99
  • Birthday Tutu
    Birthday Tutu
    Reduced Price: $19.99
    Reg: $27.99
  • Girl's Green & Pink Fairy Blossom Dress
    Girl's Green & Pink Fairy Blossom Dress
    Reg: $45.99
  • Girl's Black Tutu
    Girl's Black Tutu
    Reg: $8.99
  • Girl's Black Body Suit
    Girl's Black Body Suit
    Reg: $9.94
  • $22.39
    Reg: $27.99
  • Girl's Neon Pink Tutu
    Girl's Neon Pink Tutu
    Reduced Price: $9.93
    Reg: 15.99
  • Rainbow Wing And Skirt Set
    Rainbow Wing And Skirt Set
    Reg: $14.97
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Dancewear costumes consist of tutus in pastel costumes and leotards but they also costumes based on dance style such as a Spanish Flamenco dancer or a ballerina. Lace and tulle are popular fabrics for these costumes. They are feminine and allow them to feel pretty in what they wear. Most importantly, they are fun to dance in.

Glitter is a must have for all girls when it comes to girl's dancewear costumes. It makes a great addition to any of our girl's costumes. This is because she will sparkle like the sun under the stage lights. What little girl wouldn't want to sparkle and shine like a star when she dances?

If being the prettiest girl on stage or the most graceful trick-or-treater is going to be her goal the dance costumes are what you need.

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