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Girls Costumes

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Girls Fairytale Costumes

Halloween costumes for girls can bring a child's fantasy to life. If your little girl has a favorite storybook character or television heroine that she loves to emulate, she may find a costume in that character's likeness by shopping online. There's no better way to capture the magic and relive a little girl's fantasy than by becoming that character for one enchanting night. Girl's fairytale costumes are created for just that purpose.

  • Girls the Mad Hatter Costume
    Girls the Mad Hatter Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Deluxe Dorothy Child
    Deluxe Dorothy Child
    Reg: $32.99
  • Girls Queen of Hearts Costume
    Girls Queen of Hearts Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Elite Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume
    Elite Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume
    Reg: $79.99
  • Girl's Miss Monster Costume
    Girl's Miss Monster Costume
    Reg: $31.97
  • Girl's Forest Princess Costume
    Girl's Forest Princess Costume
    Reg: $52.99
  • Tinkerbell Costume Child
    Tinkerbell Costume Child
    Reg: $26.99
  • Girls Red Heart Princess Child Costume
    Girls Red Heart Princess Child Costume
    Reg: $27.99
  • Girls Lil Miss Red Riding Hood Costume
    Girls Lil Miss Red Riding Hood Costume
    Reg: $25.99
  • Midnight Fairy Child Costume
    Midnight Fairy Child Costume
    Reg: $32.97
  • Plum Pixie Child
    Plum Pixie Child
    Reg: $29.99
  • Mad Hatter Child Costume
    Mad Hatter Child Costume
    Reg: $31.99
  • Girls Storybook Alice Costume
    Girls Storybook Alice Costume
    Reg: $37.99
  • Girl's Court Lady Costume
    Girl's Court Lady Costume
    Reg: $29.97
  • Child Glinda Costume
    Child Glinda Costume
    Reg: $34.99
123   View All

Colorful characters ranging from Barbie to Dorothy to Tinkerbell are available to order online. These girl's fairytale costumes are made to enthrall and delight any little girl. Of course, your little girl may have a difficult time choosing which captivating character to bring to life, but that's part of the fun.

Halloween and other special occasions are meant to be remembered for every child, so why not make the event meaningful for your little one? She will feel like a princess when she adorns a royal crown or a magic genie's hat. Many of these awe-inspiring girl's fairytale costumes come with accessories to make your child feel like she has just stepped out of a storybook.

The beauty of shopping online for little girl's fairytale costumes is the convenience and ease it offers. There's no need to travel to all the children's costume stores throughout the state. When shopping online, you will not have to fear that your little girl's favorite costume will be sold out, because most costumes are always in stock. Your child is only limited by her imagination, so let her dare to dream and become the fantasy character her heart desires.

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