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Add a spooky flair to your Halloween look with our Girl's Gothic Costumes. These gothic outfits often include a dress with black and red coloring. Vampire looks are one of the most common styles from this theme. If vampiress gowns are not your cup of tea, opt for a stylish Victorian ghost or dark angel outfit. Tattered fabric adds to the scary feel of a lot of these ensemble. Complete your gothic inspired designs with all the right accessories. Items like black fairy wings, lace cuffs, leggings, boots, and wigs can make all the difference when it comes to a dark and creepy vampire outfit. Look for choker necklaces and lace gloves to create a fun and sassy look. Gothic clothes are a great balance between sassy, elegant, and scary.

The Gothic design of many modern outfits comes from the Victorian era. Corset tops and petticoat skirts were a big part of the fashion from this time. Women's outfits often featured big skirts and layers of coats and shirts. Today, many of the clothing and costumes inspired by Gothic fashion features a black color scheme. The dark tone of these clothes add to the spooky feel of Halloween. You can easily turn any gothic look into a vampire style with the right accessories. Add some props like fake blood, plastic fangs, and wigs to your look to create a vamp girl look. go a more classic route with Victorian theme jewelry and accessories.

Complete your spooky Halloween outfit with one of our Gothic costumes for girls.