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Girls Costumes

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Girls Mermaid Costumes

Under the sea? No, you can wear these girl's mermaid costumes on land as well. Our large selection will allow you to become one of those half sea creature, half human hybrids. The most famous of course is Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. This red haired princess makes little girls want to live, under the sea.

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These characters are beautiful mythological beings who live underwater. They sing in lovely voices and swim using a long tail instead of legs. Some people think sailors mistook the manatees as mermaids because of the way they swam and sang. Writers and artists have shown them as not as strange, but as wonderful creatures. They have been mentioned in folklore and legends in many cultures. It's always exciting to wear one of these costumes during the entire year during dress up sessions.

How can you make the outfit complete and keep your child happy? There are a variety of dresses available, from simple to elegant. And, there are even accessories to match the girls mermaid costumes like wands, tiaras, and shoes. There is even a wig that looks like Disney's Little Mermaid character.

So, Moms, what are you waiting for? Get those little girl's mermaid costumes for your little princess. Ask some other mothers to get some for their girls, too. Send a whole set of mermaids out trick-or-treating. The girls will be happy and you won't regret one bit of it.

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