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The spirit of Halloween has always surrounded itself with monsters, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Of course, (once in a while) it's fun to go to the dark side-but what about for the adorable and fun girls? We've put together a wonderful and eccentric selection of Girl's Monster Costumes. They take a youthful and fun approach to this epic holiday and provide some food for thought when it comes to dressing up for other occasions. Throw away the dark colors and freakishly obscene makeup! Trade it in for bright colors, a funky hood, and super loud wigs!

Our Girl's Monster Halloween costumes are made for girl's of various ages. They put a fun and innocent turn on an otherwise horrific costume! These sassy monster costumes also add a fun edgy vibe! If your little girl is not one to dress as a princess or fairy-she certainly should not settle! These monster costumes will allow her playful and energetic side to shine!

Whoever said monsters weren't cute, clearly didn't see our awesome selection of Girl's Monster Costumes! The fun thing about Halloween is taking advantage of dressing up. Monster costumes leave lots of room for accessorizing and shimmering makeup! You can add fun things like wigs, stockings, and furry legwarmers!

Although costumes are infamous for Halloween, you can even wear our Girl's Halloween costumes for a variety of other occasions! From dress up theme parties to fun you tube videos and epic performances-our costumes are going to look great! Leave everything from the scary costumes to the ballerinas behind-it's time to dress in a Girl's Monster Costume!