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Girls Costumes

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Girls Pirate Costumes

When trying to look for a costume for your daughter, there are many choices. Some want to be princesses. Others want to be vampires. But the happy medium for a look that is just right is a pirate. Buccaneers are seen to be romantic because of the adventure of going on the high seas. We offer a large selection of girl's pirate costumes. Some options are just a shirt and skirt, and others offer a full costume with a hat and sword.

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Thanks to the recent Disney pirate movies and TV shows, the choice of characters to choose from has increased. One is from the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Angelica's gold and black costume complete with hat. Another option is a red and white skirt, complete with head scarf. She can also combine her sea raiders with her love of music as there are a variety of punk pirate costumes for girls too.

Besides the girl's pirate costumes, there are also accessories to help make your outfit more authentic. You can find the necessities like an eye patch, sword, pistol, and more. We also offer boots to complete the entire look. The good thing about our boots is that they come in multiple styles making them right for any buccaneer. Other accessories to think about are pouches, jewelery, and makeup. With all of these things for sale in one place, you can put together the perfect pirate Halloween costume for your daughter.

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