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Go Go Boots

Go-Go Boots

Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." This statement reminds true today-and will 100 years from now! However, if you give a girl a Go-Go boot, she'll conquer the dance floor in style-while saving the world, all at the same time.

The Go-Go Boot has been a staple in woman's footwear since the fall of 1964, when French fashion designer André Courréges took the look to the runway. They run either calf-length or, they land anywhere near or above the knee. There is typically a very short and bulky heel-or, they have no heel at all. As the years went on, the look of these boots had transformed. With shorter hemlines came higher boots, and eventually Yves Saint-Laurent created the first thigh high garter go-go boot, which attached under the super mini skirts. Scandalous and glorious all at the time time, we know.

Women were set in a 1960's craze and the Go-Go boot was the center of attention. It was an accessory to any outfit, and accentuated a female's leg to perfection. Over time, the maxi skirt become popular, and the furor around the classic go-go boot had diminished.

Although Go-Go Boots are not worn as everyday footwear, they are seen quite often-especially when it comes to completing a fun costume. These boot can be worn by ladies of all ages-as long as the outfit is appropriate! From Superman and Robin to a modern retro dancer, these are exactly what your look needs!

With the mod patterns, glitter, and funky neon colors, a disco diva should always have Go Go Boots on her feet! Just like the Hullabaloo and Shindig dancers, every fun dancing costume, with a short hemline, deserves a iconic white boot, too!

Made not only for dancers, this classic boot can complete the look of many, many outfits. If dressing in a sexy Batman jumpsuit, a black boot would certainly add some sex appeal! Additionally, these calf-length boots would complete the look of any 60's or 70's themed characters!

For your little girl, she'll look appropriate and adorable when pairing a colorful Go-Go boot with a variety of costumes. From superheros to decade dancers, a pair is the perfect solution to their shoe dilemma.

So don't hesitate when choosing what to wear on your feet-always go go for the Go-Go boot!