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Gone with the Wind Costumes

It's hard to believe that Gone with the Wind has celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2009. Gone with the Wind is the epic tale of the fall of the south, centered on the Plantation Tara in Atlanta, Georgia. The memorable characters of Gone with the Wind are Scarlet O'Hara, Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Hamilton. Amidst war and destruction there is love, loss and redemption. Gone with the Wind portrays both the romance and hardships of the South during a tumultuous time in the formation of our United States.

Girls Costumes
Womens Costumes
Womens Costumes

Gone with the Wind costumes are sophisticated and military in nature for the men and ultra feminine for the women. Southern Belle ball gowns with giant hoop skirts would make perfect Gone with the Wind costumes. Women in these gowns will look just like Scarlet O'Hara but without all the drama. For the men, American Civil War costumes such as Confederate and Union soldier uniforms are the way to go. Put a men's Southern Gentleman costume together with a women's Southern Belle costume and you have the perfect Gone with the Wind couples costume. You'll look just like Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh as Rhett and Scarlett

Accessories for Gone with the Wind include the confederate soldier hats and Union officer hats, muskets, and ladies parasols. You can find Gone with the Wind costumes and accessories as well as thousands of other great Halloween costumes at Costume SuperCenter. Our website is 100% secure and all costumes ordered before 3PM will ship the same day.

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