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Group Fruit of the Loom Costumes

Grab a bunch of friends who are handy with instruments and re-create the commercials that make this undergarment brand so popular with everyone. The Group Fruit of the Loom Costumes are a collection of outfits in the shape of various fruit. You and your friends and can wear over-the-head tunics with arm and face holes that will make you guys the life of the party. Nothing quite entertains like giant fruit.

Together, your crew can crash any Halloween party as a collective because people are fans of group costumes, especially ones where 5 or more people dedicate themselves to the idea. Our banana jumpsuit, for example, provides you with lots of personality and possible potassium, or so everyone will think. This outfit will charm everyone because it's not offensive or scary, it's simply in good fun. There are other teams to dress up as, but no one will expect the Fruit of the Loom guys to make an entrance at the party. If you guys are band, perform while wearing these outfits in order to rile up the crowd. A standing ovation and an award for best-dressed group are certainly possibilities in your future with these outfits.

The Group Fruit of the Loom Costumes are a fashion statement that promotes humor and positive eating choices. You and your friends will be the bane of children everywhere on Halloween.