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Sock Monkey

Our collection of Sock Monkey Costumes provides you with some great options for a fun, cute, and unique costume choice. Sock Monkeys are a classic American crafts creation that have been popular since the 1930's. These timeless stuffed pals have been a favorite kids doll for decades, giving children hours of playtime fun. Sock Monkeys also make a great theme for costumes. Sock Monkey outfits are always cute and eye catching, and a great way to ensure you'll stand out as the highlight of any costume party.

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We offer Sock Monkey outfits for everybody, boy's, girl's, men and women. Our girl's sock monkey pieces are so adorable and your daughter will have so much fun dressing up like her fuzzy stuffed animal friend. This theme also offers some great choices for teen and adult women as well. Dressing up like a favorite childhood character is a fun idea and our sock monkey outfit choices for women are just as appealing as they are darling and lovable. We also offer a men's sock monkey piece, as well as a cool zombie sock monkey for boy's. Infants can join in on the costume fun too, with absolutely adorable sock monkey onesie and headpiece sets.

Pick out something unique and fun to wear at your next Halloween party and check out our line of sock monkey outfits. We have great sock monkey costume choices for everyone and you'll be sure to find something you love while searching through this category.