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Gypsies Costumes

Gypsy Costumes

Looking for a way to steal hearts this Halloween? Our costumes are just what you are looking for. Gypsies are known for their exotic, mysterious nature, and our options are designed to bring out the gypsy in you. What kind of gypsy you want to be this Halloween is up to you. We have belly dancer costumes designed to bring out your inner seductress, with short dresses or two piece outfits that will allow you show off your best sexy belly dance at all the parties.

For the more conservative look, choose a costume with a longer skirt, all of which are so authentic looking, you'll believe you can see the future. These gypsy Halloween costumes are great for office celebrations, because they don't call for a lot of extra make up or masks, so you can stay perfectly comfortable while you do your work even while wearing your get-up.

All of our Gypsy Halloween costumes feature bright bold colors like fushia, royal blue and purple, fringes and lace that will flatter any figure. Many of these belly dancing costumes come with head scarves or other head pieces included for that authentic Arabian feel. And of course no gypsy look is complete without accessories. You can give your outfit your own special flair with our superb selection of wigs, earrings, shoes, bracelets, necklaces. earrings and finger cymbals to keep you ready for all your dances.

Even if it's not Halloween, Gypsy costumes can help you tap into your mysterious nature and you're sure to find a style that will look gorgeous for many occassion. These iconic looks will never go out of style, and you'll be able to get years of use and enjoyment out of your costumes.