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Animal Hats

An animal costume is one of the most common but there are certain accessories that are required for the best look. Animal hats and headbands are the quintessential item for your animal outfit. It is the one thing that will differentiate a dog costume from a cat. The look these provide you can be incredibly stylish, yet easy to wear and comfortable too. No matter the look you are going for, there is sure to be a hat to make your costume great. We have animal hats that are based on real mammals like wolves, dogs and those that are from fantasy such as dragons and unicorns.

You just need to know what your costume is and play off of it from there. With most of these styles you can create your own costume by wearing a matching leotard, dress or other outfit and adding the animal hat or hood along with some makeup. With so many different ones readily available to you, you might actually find it difficult to narrow it down to just one costume option.

Headbands are also perfect accessories for your pet. While out walking your dog, you might want to showcase a certain look with the headband, and while they are not going to be dripping sweat, it is going to show off their athletic side, so everyone is going to know they are into sports like you.