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Hats, Wigs & Halloween Masks

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Clowns Hats

Circus performers are known for their incredible talent, daring attitudes, and hilarious acts. If you want to take on any or all of these qualities to create an authentic Halloween costume this year, then supplement your look with some of our clown hats and accessories. The exaggerated proportions of the items--whether they're miniature or way too large--will give you a hilarious appearance that will have your friends at the party laughing all night long.

  • Circus Sweetie Mini Top Hat
    Circus Sweetie Mini Top Hat
  • Mini Clown Umbrella
    Mini Clown Umbrella
    Below Cost Price: $1.91
    Reg: $4.99
  • Circus Sweetie Nose Hot Pink
    Circus Sweetie Nose Hot Pink
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Our selection of clown headpieces is the perfect way to complete your ensemble for your get together this Halloween. You'll look like you just emerged from the big red tent when you supplement your attire with a tiny top hat or a massive floppy accessory. No matter what your circus get-up looks like, our varied and multicolored add-ons are sure to add a burst of color that will be just as wild as the rest of your outfit.

Regardless of which funny headpiece you choose to complement your attire, it's sure to match any other accessories that you want to use to complete your look as well. If you want to purchase a classic red nose--or one in any other unique color--and a tiny umbrella, you won't have to worry about trying to match those extra pieces to your headwear. After all, circus performers are all about unexpected color combinations and wildly hilarious attire!

A clown hat is the final piece of clothing that you'll need to fit in with the rest of the performers under the tent!