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Feather Headdresses

If you enjoy dressing-up or attend a lot of fancy parties, it is a good idea to compile a collection of costumes and accessories. By doing this you can have an outfit on hand even at short notice. Feather hats and headdresses are something that you should definitely include in this collection as the simple addition of one of these accessories can instantly change an ordinary outfit it an authentic costume representing an era, style or person.

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For example, a cocktail dress and a string of beads is a great look for a night out. However, adding a feather headband suddenly transforms you into a flapper girl. This is the ideal outfit for a 1920s themed party. Similarly, wearing the same dress with a jacket and then adding a Gatsby Girl style hat with a feather will create a different look that is equally appropriate to the era.

Another example is that most women own a swimsuit. Wearing feather hats or headdresses with the swimsuit ups the glamor level. While a feather hat may transform you into a Vegas showgirl, a colored feather headband creates the perfect look for Mardi Gras. Finally, a popular choice of costume for men is an Indian Chief. A simple pair of brown slacks and a brown T-shirt can be magically transformed into an authentic Indian Chief with the addition of a feathered Indian headdress. You can achieve a similar look for a woman wearing a brown shift dress. Simply said, sometimes the right accessory is the focal point of a good costume.

Feathered hats are a great accessory for a variety of costumes so check out our selections and see if one would be perfect for you.