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Hats, Wigs & Halloween Masks

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Witch Hats

"Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!" When you think Halloween, you definitely think witch! What brings to mind more the image of a witch other than witch hats, brooms and cats black as night? If you wish to spellbind your audience as a charming enchantress, you definitely need you very own matching witch cap to finish the spell!

  • Black Mini Witch Hat Adult
    Black Mini Witch Hat Adult
    Reg: $7.99
  • Fancy Feather Black Witch Hat
    Fancy Feather Black Witch Hat
    Reg: $14.99
  • Fiber optic Webs Witch Hat Adult
    Fiber optic Webs Witch Hat Adult
    Reg: $19.99
  • Black Witch Hat w/ Buckle
    Black Witch Hat w/ Buckle
    Reg: $11.99
  • Girl's Spiderina Hat
    Girl's Spiderina Hat
    Reg: $19.99
  • Adult Witch Hat
    Adult Witch Hat
    Reg: $3.93
  • Witch Hat Adult
    Witch Hat Adult
    Reg: $15.99
  • Black Velour Witch Hat
    Black Velour Witch Hat
    Reg: $6.99
  • Adult Pointy Witch Hat
    Adult Pointy Witch Hat
    Reg: $4.99
  • Women's Witch Hat
    Women's Witch Hat
    Reg: $19.99
  • Child Satin Witch Hat
    Child Satin Witch Hat
    Reg: $3.99
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Draw on your own potential and dress as your own unique spellcaster. There are many types of witches in stories and fairy tales; both good and evil witches exist, for example. Will you be the kind fairy godmother or will you play the evil sorceress? What you wear and how you carry yourself will tell others exactly what kind of a witch you are and a specifically chosen witch costume hat will help complete and complement your tale.

You can also easily find inspiration from the most well-known of mediums or even the less popular ones. The witches that exist in Harry Potter are worlds away, in costume and in mindset, from the witches that exist in Charmed. Make use of colors to stand out: a witch dressed in red or brighter colors will stand out far more than a witch dressed in total black. The variety of Halloween witch hats in stock will help jump start the churning of ideas in your head. And remember: while most witch lids will match fabulously with black dresses of all styles, look beyond the usual, unleash your creativity in designing your own costumes and leave anyone who passes you by spellbound!

Whether for a special occasion or a costume theme party, get your own special Halloween witch hats and look the part today!