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Hats, Wigs & Halloween Masks

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Domino Masks

If you are low on cash, but big on imagination, a domino mask is the perfect accessory to build an entire costume around. Depending on the mask and what you can dig up in your closet, you have the makings of an extraordinary costume look.

  • Black Satin Domino Mask
    Black Satin Domino Mask
  • Blue Domino Mask
    Blue Domino Mask
  • Yellow Domino Mask
    Yellow Domino Mask
  • White Mardi Gras Mask
    White Mardi Gras Mask
  • Black Zorro Mask
    Black Zorro Mask
  • Red Domino Mask
    Red Domino Mask
  • Green Domino Mask
    Green Domino Mask
  • Black Sequin Eye Mask
    Black Sequin Eye Mask
  • Sequin Eye Mask Black
    Sequin Eye Mask Black
  • White Satin Domino Mask
    White Satin Domino Mask
  • Red Venetian Mask
    Red Venetian Mask
  • Orange Domino Mask
    Orange Domino Mask
  • Purple Domino Mask
    Purple Domino Mask
  • Venetian Mask
    Venetian Mask
  • Cocktail Mask - Black
    Cocktail Mask - Black
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Paired with a simple black button down shirt, black pants and a novelty sword, a just a simple black domino mask can transform you into Zorro. You may have a hard time trying to restrain yourself from vandalizing the neighborhood with Z's.

Carnival is another idea that pairs well with domino disguises. Find you most colorful elaborate pieces, like a flowing skirt, add some feathers and very inexpensive Mardi Gras beads and you look like an authentic participant in the traditional event.

A simple way to transform yourself into an alien one of our wonderful domino full face silver edition. Its simplicity gives it a very creepy edge. The same white guise will give the same scare effect. The eerie blank face domino mask is extremely successful in creating goose bumps.

For a more cultural, sophisticated look, nothing beats The Phantom of The Opera. All you need is the domino mask that covers one half face of your face. Wear this with a crisp dress shirt and black dress pants, then grab a black cape, available separately. That's all you need to create the musical sensation.

As you can see by the tips given, there is much versatility to simple domino masks. Use your imagination. Come to our site and do your shopping from home, at below retail price! There it is, you'll be all set for Halloween or your next costume party, stress free.