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1960's Wigs

One of the most common type of theme parties is a sixties party. These types of celebration pay homage to one of the greatest decades in American history and there are a wide variety of costumes and 60s wigsthat fit the occasion. The funky hair styles from the 60's would make the perfect complement to a psychedelic dress or tie dye t-shirt. Everyone remembers the Beatles and their no nonsense 'mod' hairstyles. A groovy, curly wig will revive flower power when worn with a pair of bell bottom pants and sandals. Another great sixties wig is the long scruffy look that was also popularized by hippies.

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For the more conservative look, a classic bee hive, teased wig goes well with plain, pastel dress. A go-go girl dress and matching wig say it's sock it to e time and a pair of platform shoes will complete the look perfectly. Of course, the most memorable hairstyle of that era may be the huge Afro. Virtually any costume will have that 60's appeal when combined with a big afro wig.

From the clothes to the shoes and the hairstyles, the 60's were one of the most trend setting decades ever and it's fun to dress up like the people of yester year. Even the kids will enjoy the chance to dress up the way mom and dad used to in flower print pants and shirts from the 60's complete with 60's wigs.