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Hats, Wigs & Halloween Masks

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80s Wigs

Usually the culture will dictate the fashion, as for the 80s, the music for the 80s was pop, heavy metal, and Michael Jackson. The heavy metal brought about many different hairstyles; spikes, Mohawk, and what was called big hair. It also had men wearing long hair, and different colors from pink to green to a rainbow colored. When dressing for an Eighties event, the array of styles and colors for men and women's 80s wigs is plentiful. The feathered look could be worn by either men or women. If you can remember, this was during the launching of MTV, arcade games and the Walkman.

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A few cautions about wearing wigs. First you do not want to go near the oven or a fire while wearing a wig. The heat can damage the wig or even singe it and it will not be any good after that. Also you don't want to wear the wig for long periods of time without taking it off and letting your scalp get some air. You also want to wear it about 2 weeks, then you should wash it either yourself, or go to a professional beauty salon. You also want to be careful and make sure that you have the wig fitting snugly on your head.

A Valley Girl or heavy metal costume really needs an 80's wig for full effect. Get yours at a superlow price 365 days a year.