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Hats, Wigs & Halloween Masks

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Clown Wigs

It's fairly safe to say that a wig can make a costume. It is the first thing that you see, costumes can get covered by coats or rain gear but a clown wig, with it's crazy hair and bald top, makes a statement and it makes it fast. And it is a timeless costume. Clowns are a part of everyone's childhood, whether it be from a circus, carnival, movie or book, everyone recognizes a clown when they see that give away wig.

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Now, that said, it doesn't mean that everyone sees a clown and laughs, is immediately enthralled and happy. Many people, from children to adults, find them quite scary. There is something about that constant smile that makes people think that all kinds of sinister things are going on behind that wig and make-up, and don't forget the crazy nose. Fun or terrifying? It's your call.

I guess you can make that determination by making appropriate choices in the rest of the costume. If you want to be that "funny" clown, get the oversized shoes and lots of polka dots and bright colors. Red cheeks, suspenders and it's all a good time. Some of the most popular wigs for clowns are the red style with its giant afro curls. The Pennywise is red with a bald top. Other style are the bald with just a tuft of hair around the ears. For a completely different twist, the evil jester and scary wigs are dark and eery. So the beauty of the clown wig is that you can make a choice, go happy and fun or evil and dark, all with the choices available in our clown section.