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Historical Costumes

Patriotic and Historical costumes are a popular choice for men and women who like to show their pride not only in their country, but also in the history of their country. These costumes are especially important for children. All year long, Costume SuperCenter works with schools that purchase Historical costumes and Patriotic uniforms as part of school plays and educational assignments. The choices cover everything from colonial militia to famous figures such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin. Colonial women costumes are the best sellers girls and ladies.

If you have a favorite historical military hero, a colonial general costume would be the perfect way to portray him. A military outfit, tricorn hat, and dark wig with a short ponytail make for a dashing outfit. Add a replica sword or musket to complete the overall look of a brave minute man in the militia. To make the costume portray a specific individual, choose items that are associated with him. A simple colonial women's costume can be accessorized with a flag to portray Betsy Ross or a pitcher to portray Molly Pitcher, or it can be used for Martha Washington or Mary Todd Lincoln among others.

George Washington is probably of the most famous presidents of the United States, as he was the first, and he makes for one of the most handsome patriotic characters. The costume of tailored breeches and shirt, along with the flowing knee length coat and white power wig is very distinguishing.

The iconic top hat and beard of Abraham Lincoln makes the Abe Lincoln costume the most easily recognized of all Historical Costumes. Other Patriotic costumes have a more humorous slant such as Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty, both of which are popular not only at Halloween but also Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Tax time.

Do you need a historic costume for your next party, child's play at school, or for the town parade? View our wide selection American costumes at super low prices. We are happy to invite you to browse our costumes and find some characters that play important roles in the history of the United States. We have a wide variety of accessories and wigs to complete your costume for halloween, a school play or themed based party.

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