Independent Horror Films

Horror films are unique in the film industry. Some people may be surprised to discover that some of the best horror films in the world are not produced by big companies. Instead, they are produced by independent filmmakers who don't have the best technology or the highest budgets in the world, but a deep passion for their work.

Background Info on Independent Horror Films

For as long as horror films have been made, amateur filmmakers have been trying to make their impact on the genre. As soon as hand-held video cameras became available, more and more aspiring filmmakers have been filming their own horror movies. Since technology now allows people to edit movies in their own homes inexpensively, independent horror stories have become even more popular.

Information on Current Independent Horror Film Festivals

The NYC Horror Film Festival gives out awards for Best Feature Film, Cinematography, Special Effects, Actor and Actress, Screenplay, and an Audience Choice Award. The After Dark Horrorfest has been running since 2006. The Dark Carnival is set to run from September to October 2009. Shriekfest is another popular horror film festival. Many other small festivals are held throughout the year. Most do not have formal awards but they do allow horror buffs to get together.

List of Independent Horror Films

Without a doubt, the largest independent horror film is the wildly successful Blair Witch Project. However, there are plenty of other popular films such as The Landlord, Marcus, The 3rd Floor, and Spiker. These are just the more recent ones. There are many independent horror films that don't make it to small distributors at all. However, these films are often just as good as other independent films.

The Ins-and-Outs of Producing an Independent Horror Film

Most truly independent films are produced with just a computer and a video camera. A movie is filmed and then edited in the home with software. With how the Internet works, producers don't even have to put their movie on a disk because they can distribute them directly from their computer. In fact, an extremely good quality independent film can be made for under $2,000.

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