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Indian Costumes

Indians are America's Native people. From the Cherokee to the Apache tribes, they shared a similar way of life, living in teepees and hunting and gathering. Today, the only gathering you will do in an Indian Costume is gathering candy as you trick or treat. While many of our Native American outfits are created for authenticity, there are just as many that take the style and transform it into a fun Halloween costume.

Authentic Indian garb makes a great look for Halloween but is equally appropriate for historical purposes such as Thanksgiving plays and war reenactments. They even come in sexy options which feature short skirts and alluring necklines that flatter your figure. Many kids costumes are perfect for trick-or-treating. There are so many notable figures in the Native American culture that kids love to dress up as from the chief of the tribe to the Disney Princess Pocahontas!

Most of these cultural ensembles start with the same basic elements: a tan or brown faux suede outfit that resembles animal skins, fringes, beading or trim in a traditional pattern. From there, the sky is the limit. There are so many from which to choose for men, women, teens or a little papoose.

No Native American look is complete without a head dress whether it be a single feather on a simple band or an elaborate head dress fit for a cheif with colored feathers that cascade around your head and down your back. If your costume doesn't come with a head dress you can find many different types in our accessories section.

There are several other ways to accessorize your outfit. We has all kinds of costume accessories ranging from braided wigs to tomahawks to an assortment of moccasins and other Native American footwear. You can even choose some make up to transform your face with colorful markings to replicate signature war paints.

Now all you have to do is step out of your teepee and enjoy a Halloween night out.