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Infant & Toddler Dinosaur & Dragon Costumes

Looking for infant-toddler that is DINO-Mite? An Infant or toddler dinosaur or dragon costume for your kid's Halloween will make trick-or-treating really special. There are specific designs for infants and others for older toddlers so you can find the most age appropriate style.

Toddler boys love dinosaurs and dragons which is surprising because they can be scary, especially T-Rex. Whereas a girl may prefer Barney or Baby Bop, a boy wants a rough and tumble prehistoric or fantastical beast, even when they are only 2 or 3 years old. Just ask your son, "what does the dinosaur say?" and he will reply will a hearty ROOOAARRR!!! On the other hand, if your child is under two years old a realistic dinosaur outfit might frighten him so we have an adorable selection of reptile and dragon Halloween costumes for infants The Dinky Dragon and the Dinky Dino are two styles colorful and silly infant dinosaur costumes so babies will feel comfortable wearing them.

Dinosaur, dragon and other reptile costumes are perfect for boys. In addition, the plush fabrics are comfortable, especially when it is cold outside. You can turn these costumes into a theme for the entire family. If you toddler is a dinosaur, you an be a caveman. You can also do a nature theme with your boys dresses at froggies and your little girls dresses as butterflies. Having fun with costumes together makes them even more fun to wear. Consider the possibilities when purchasing your Dinosaur Halloween costume for infants, toddlers, or babies.