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Jack Sparrow Costumes

Jack Sparrow Costumes

Arrgh! Jack Sparrow is a witty pirate with an oddly strange attitude and was first unveiled to the world during his conquest for his precious, beloved ship known as the Black Pearl. He may be, by far, one of the worst buccaneers when it comes to fighting ability and skill, but his creative tactics lure you in as does his favorite tricorne hat and long braids, which are essential for recreating this pirate of the Caribbean's look.

Without Jack Sparrow's charisma, deviousness and free spirit, which is unusually displayed through his attire, he wouldn't be the most well known and famous pirate to have sailed the Caribbean. Underhanded, sneaky and equipped with the ability to negotiate his way out of a terrible situation, he is one of the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas and one of the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean.

These costumes have increased in popularity because of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise and the pirate's conquest in May 2011 known as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides reached $90 million opening weekend, which has opened the door to a number of possibilities including the sexy, sassy Angelica. The introduction of this female pirate opened the door to creating stylish garb for a female matey or young pirate. The Pirates of the Caribbean costumes for men and women would make way for an unforgettable swashbuckling All Hollow's Eve couple look.

If you are looking for a treasure this Halloween, one of these fine replications of the Johnny Depp character's look will have you outfitted and ready for the search and the adventurous journey that awaits. You'll be ready to fight intruders whether it be a pirate ghost or Davey Jones! Who knows, maybe you will even cross paths with Blackbeard, an English pirate whose famous vessel was known as the Queen Anne's Revenge, while he is on his way to discovering the Fountain of Youth.

Don't forget your sword, precious jewels that was taken from shipmates or prior victims and body swagger so that anyone that you cross paths with will know to get out of the way or endure the same doom as your previous victims who chose to stand in the way of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Channel your inner Johnny Depp for a Halloween costume no one will forget!