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Jetsons Costumes

Jetsons Costumes

Everybody's favorite space-age family is here, with the Jetsons costumes. The Jetsons are a typical nuclear family, living in the future. Their lives are made significantly easier by amazing technological advancements, like a robotic maid and flying cars, and yet they still complain about how difficult their lives are when they have to do any sort of manual labor. The family consists of George Jetson, the clueless but good-intentioned family patriarch and bread winner, his wife Jane, a homemaker with a passion for shopping, his daughter Judy, a 15-year-old high school student who is obsessed with boys and hanging out with her friends, and Elroy, their 6 1/2-year-old son who is a genius at math and science. The family also includes Rosie, the robot maid, and Astro, the talking dog. George works for Mr. Spacely, a mean little man who always fires and rehires him.

The show aired in 1962, as the first color program on ABC. It was set in 2062, a hundred years in the future. The show was a direct contrast to the Flintstones, a show with a similar family but set in prehistoric times. This show was such a hit, the producers decided a show in the future would be successful as well. And it was, with an animated film hitting theaters in 1990. The Jetsons were a household name for a long time, and these costumes would still be a huge hit with an older crowd.

It's time for futuristic fun this Halloween as this iconic cartoon family.