Learning About Puppets!

Puppetry it isn't just for kids. Scholars believe puppets have existed since 3000 B.C. Civilizations have used puppetry to communicate and educate society. Puppets are more than dolls on strings; they portray the battle of good and evil in some cultures. Without puppets actors could be jobless. Before acting existed, puppets were the mainstream theater entertainment for those of different social backgrounds. Through shadow, water, glove, and marionette puppets, puppetry has reinvented itself to maintain popularity through generations. The puppet will not argue or force political views upon you. The puppet can be folded away or boxed in a closet until its next performance. Entertainment without paparazzi, but with rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. Art has never failed human civilization but continues to evolve. The art of puppetry continues to do just that through education, entertainment and therapy. Have a laugh, a breakthrough, or have a courageous moment through the world of a puppetry.

Japanese Bunraku Puppetry

Images of Bunraku Puppetry

Vietnamese Water Puppetry

Images of Water Puppetry

Indonesian Shadow Puppetry

Images of Shadow Puppetry