The Legend of Bigfoot

Many stories and legends have been told about Bigfoot but until recently there has been no evidence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that such a creature exists. The Bigfoot is a human-like, hairy creature that is very tall and large and it is believed that it lives in some of the forests along the northwestern coast of North America. It is also called "Sasquatch", which is a Native American term for "hairy giant".

Bigfoot Sightings

The first reported sighting of the Bigfoot took place in Jasper, Canada in the year 1811. Following the incident, many people started creating hoaxes, running around in essentially elaborate costumes to fool the public into believing that Bigfoot was real, and the newspapers also published articles about the creature, referring to it as "Sasquatch". In 1924, a group of miners from the state of Washington reported that they were attacked by Bigfoot. They said that the creature threw stones at their cabins and left footprints around their camp.

"Proof" of Sightings

In 1958, Gerald Crew of Humboldt, California discovered gigantic footprints in Del Norte County, California and he believed that those footprints belonged to Bigfoot. Crew made plaster casts of the footprints to convince people that his story was true and he appeared in the Humboldt Times with one of his casts. His story was published in many newspapers around the country and this resulted in the coining of the name "Bigfoot". In 1967, a major breakthrough was made in the attempt to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin revealed that they had captured Bigfoot on film. The footage showed Bigfoot turning his head towards the camera for a moment and then walking away. Many videos were released after Patterson and Gimlin's video, but it has been proven that all of them were hoaxes. Up to today, there is still no concrete proof that Bigfoot exists in this world.

Those who claimed that they saw Bigfoot described it as a dark brown haired creature that resembles an ape. It has very large eyes and a low, wide forehead. It is said that its height ranges from 6 to 10 feet and it weighs more than 500 pounds. Bigfoot is a nocturnal creature and it is omnivorous.

Besides the sightings mentioned above, several other sightings have been reported. In 1924, a man by the name of Albert Ostman said that he was captured by Bigfoot and he lived with its family for a period of time. He said that the creatures were docile and they were herbivorous. In 1941, Jeannie Chapman from Ruby Creek, Canada claimed that she saw a 7½-feet tall Bigfoot walking towards her home. She and her children ran away from their home immediately.

Bigfoot's Footprints

Hundreds of Bigfoot footprints have been found in the United States and Canada and some of them were photographed or made into plaster casts. The measurements of these footprints ranged from 14 inches to 24 inches long and 5 inches to 8 inches wide. While most of the footprints showed that the Bigfoot has five toes, there were some that showed only two or three toes. Some of the footprints also suggested that the Bigfoot has claws on its feet.

Recent Bigfoot Sighting Hoaxes

Bigfoot has been a hoax that just will not die out. The most recent talk of proof has come from the northern woods of Georgia. In 2008 two men claimed to have found the body of a deceased Bigfoot complete with DNA evidence. However when it was time for the pair to prove it to the world, they refused to show the body or any of the genetic tests they said they had. After the media storm died down the men confessed they used a fake gorilla costume and road kill intestines for the photos. This goes to show that the legend of Bigfoot has not died and believers are still waiting for that one piece of hard evidence to prove the world wrong.