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Love Boat Costumes

Set a course for adventure when you dress up as one of the crew of the Love Boat. Retro costumes hit the high seas with the famous characters from the Love Boat. The romantic comedy was the setting for finding love with the help of Captain Stubing, Isaac the Bartender, Julie the Cruise Director, Doc and Gopher. The show featured special guest stars each week with new story lines. All of the stories were different; some were humorous while others were heartbreaking. Although it was a comedy it still had the occasional episode that pulled your heart strings.

The costumes for Love Boat include the Captain Stubing costume, an Isaac the Bartender costume and a Julie the Cruise Director costume. Captain Stubing's costume has a white captain's shirt with white shorts and matching captains hat; Isaac the Bartender's costume consists of a red jacket with Love Boat logo, paired with an afro wig and moustache and the Julie the Cruise Director costume includes a blue suit with white trim. Just add your own clip board and a 70's style wig and the costume will be complete As the themes song says, The Love Boat "promises something for everyone" as do the Love Boat costumes. Halloween Love Boat costumes from the are fine by themselves but when worn as a group costume with your friends its so much more fun. Dare we say that your Halloween party will be "exciting and new"?

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