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Mardi Gras Costume Accessories

Mardi Gras accessories comprise every added detail that you would wear or want to go with your costume. This includes masks, hats, beads, boas, bowties and other fun novelties. Finding the perfect accessories is never a problem at Costume SuperCenter because our selection is enormous.

Accessorizing is often necessary to give your costume a complete look. For example a what would a Mardi Gras Queen gown be if you wore it to a masquerade without a mask? And what's a Mardi Gras party or parade without beads? Accessories are an important part of any costume, especially Mardi Gras costumes since these outfits are typically outrageous and call for lots of embellishment. Mardi Gras is one of those situations where there is no such thing as over accessorizing. Layering beads and boas with a hat and a mask will bring a costume to life. Additional items like a novelty drinking goblet a jester cane or a purple, green and gold tinsel wig send your outfit over the top.

Before you head to Mardi Gras stop at our website first. You can get all the Mardi Gras accessories and costumes you'll need for very memorable Fat Tuesday.