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Mardi Gras


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Mardi Gras Masks

Even though Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold, Masquerade masks come in all colors. There is a mask to match any costume. If you're wondering how masks and Mardi Gras became synonymous it all originated in the 16th century Venice where the socially elite held elaborate masquerade parties during Carnival. The guests wore masks to hide their identity enabling them to act in ways that were considered too daring and flirtatious for the time. By hiding ones identity, no one would know who was or was not acting inappropriately. Now these parties are associated with Mardi Gras and the flirtatious behavior is far more daring than the Venetians could ever have imagined.

  • Blank Female Mask
    Blank Female Mask
    Reg: $2.99
  • Blank Male Mask
    Blank Male Mask
    Reg: $2.99
  • Red Domino Mask
    Red Domino Mask
    Reg: $0.99
  • Blue Domino Mask
    Blue Domino Mask
    Reg: $0.99
  • Yellow Domino Mask
    Yellow Domino Mask
    Reg: $0.99
  • Phantom of the Opera Mask
    Phantom of the Opera Mask
    Reg: $4.99
  • Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask
    Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask
    Reg: $15.99
  • Gold Glitter and Feather Stick Mask
    Gold Glitter and Feather Stick Mask
    Reg: $7.99
  • Adult Phantom Mardi Gras Mask Deluxe
    Adult Phantom Mardi Gras Mask Deluxe
    Reg: $7.99
  • White Comedy Mask
    White Comedy Mask
    Reduced Price: $4.99
    Reg: $11.99
  • Black Satin Domino Mask
    Black Satin Domino Mask
    Reg: $0.99
  • Black Venetian Mask with Feathers
    Black Venetian Mask with Feathers
    Reduced Price: $9.99
    Reg: $11.99
  • Bejeweled Zebra Mask
    Bejeweled Zebra Mask
    Reg: $12.99
  • Deluxe Phantom Mask
    Deluxe Phantom Mask
    Reg: $6.99
  • Red Venetian Mask
    Red Venetian Mask
    Reg: $11.99
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The biggest place for Mardi Gras is New Orleans and the craziest parties happen in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street. But you can have a Mardi Gras or masquerade party anywhere or any time. Just make sure that all of your guests come in costume are arrive wearing their Mardi Gras masks. Decorate your house with streamers, beads and Mardi Gras decorations and serve your king cakes, po'boys and bourbon sours for free spirited Mardi Gras masquerade parties.

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