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Mardi Gras


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Mardi Gras Wigs

Fat Tuesday is all about dazzle. The costumes are showy, the colors are bright and everything seems over the top. It is only fitting because it happens to be one of the wildest times of the year. Some of the zaniest Mardi Gras accessories you can buy are Mardi Gras wigs.

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During Mardi Gras, the aim is not only to have fun but to draw attention to yourself so you can collect beads! A great way to get noticed is with a sparkling tinsel bob. You'll find them in metallic purple, green, gold and even multi-color variations with all three colors combined. The tinsel sparkles so all eyes will be on you. Mardi Gras wigs really make your outfit spectacular. Wigs make even a simple costume much more special. Plus they fit comfortably and stay on all night.

Mardi Gras wigs feature both crimped and straight styles. You can find them in lengths that fall from your shoulders to the middle of your back so you can pick the one that best suits your costume as well as your personality.