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Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood icon of the 50s and 60s who is still revered and endeared today by men and women alike. In the movies this simple girl was transformed into a sexy glamorous star, and with our help you can transform yourself, just like Norma Jean did, to look just like the actress she became.

She may have been just one woman but our Marilyn Monroe costumes reflect every facet of her style and grace, as well as the most memorable dresses from her films. The most famous dress tackled by our Marilyn Monroe costumes is most likely the iconic white dress that flew up over a vent in the film "The Seven Year Itch." The classic halter style looks great on almost any figure, and when you walk into a Halloween party wearing her outfit along with one of our Marilyn Monroe wigs, there will be no mistaking who you are.

For those looking to be a little more daring, we have a replica of Marilyn's mermaid cut pink gown that is sure to turn heads. Many credit her with having the influence that made it "okay" for women to have curves, and the pink Marilyn Monroe costume does just that, hugging your every curve just right...

The Last of our Marilyn Monroe Halloween costumes pays homage to her Showgirls movie. This bodysuit, with a sheer midriff, tassels, tails, and a feather headpiece is not for the woman who lacks confidence, but if you can pull of one of these half as well as she did, you deserve a round of applause.

Of course, no matter which face of Marilyn Monroe you wish to portray this Halloween, no look is complete without the hair, and jewelry. Each of our platinum blonde wigs is indicative of her timeless style. Our Rhinestone Marilyn Jewelry set may not be made of diamonds, but it's sure to impress your friends along with some of our other great accessories such as an elastic jeweled bracelet and black feather fan.

Norma Jean proved to the world that a girl could be anything she wanted, prove it to yourself this Halloween with one of our great Marilyn Monroe costumes.