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Medusa Costumes

Medusa Costumes

Medusa has been a thorn in the side of heroes for ages. Originally a buxom beauty, she was punished for daring to question Athena. Though she was condemned to haunt caves and scare off heroes for eons, the modern day Medusa has a swagger and sex appeal that is hard to resist. She doesn't allow herself to be closed off from the world anymore.

Medusa has thrown off the locks made of snakes and modernized her attire with form accentuating Greek dresses, and her hips do more slithering than her hair. Her gaze is no longer deadly and her eyes serve now to tempt and engage. Her serpentine nature is only displayed in her walk or noble stance while wearing the Medusa Halloween costume. She appears to coil and be ready to strike her prey at all times. Just don't look her in the eyes; you never know what can happen.

A sheer and flowing dress complement the exotic and intriguing head-wear in many Medusa costumes. Golden adornments and low cut neck lines mesmerize and draw in the eyes of her victim and allow her to move in for the strike. You will feel like a part of history while sauntering over dance floors and through archways, captivating every man within sight.

This snake headed gorgon, once feared, is now geared towards seductive and appealing appearances. Headdresses are commonly snake themed, but modern interpretations even have hair extensions or highlights as opposed to venomous snakes. Though the Greek interpretation of her myth teaches that her gaze was deadly, turning those that gazed upon her to stone, today's Medusa clothing portray her as more of a temptress or seductress than a monster or villain. Medusa costumes have flowing gowns with sheer shawls, and are sometimes accompanied by staffs or wands. The modern outfit is closer to resembling a Greek Goddess than the monster of myth and legend. Sometimes Greek strapped or laced sandals and boots are worn and add to the 21st century sex appeal of our Medusa Halloween costumes.