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Mens Costumes

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Mens 70s Costumes

Get down tonight! What a way to spend Halloween but by dancing the night away in the cheesiest and sleaziest men's 70s costumes around. It is not surprise that the Seventies have the most awful styles in a century. That is exactly why they make the best Halloween costumes.

  • Men's Groovy Dancer Costume
    Men's Groovy Dancer Costume
    Reduced Price: $49.99
    Reg: $64.99
  • Men's Lime Leisure Suit Costume
    Men's Lime Leisure Suit Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Men's Disco Sleazeball Costume
    Men's Disco Sleazeball Costume
    Reg: $59.99
  • Scarface Adult Costume
    Scarface Adult Costume
    Reg: $47.97
  • Men's Saturday Night Fever Disco Costume
    Men's Saturday Night Fever Disco Costume
    Reg: $49.97
  • Disco Fever Adult Costume
    Disco Fever Adult Costume
    Reg: $34.97
  • Men's Green Groovy Shirt
    Men's Green Groovy Shirt
    Reg: $24.99
  • Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume
    Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume
    Reg: $39.97
  • Men's 70's Retro Costume
    Men's 70's Retro Costume
    Reg: $61.97
  • Gold Glitter Adult Disco Shirt
    Gold Glitter Adult Disco Shirt
    Reduced Price: $79.99
    Reg: $79.99
  • Men's Dashiki Shirt
    Men's Dashiki Shirt
    Reg: $19.99
  • Men's Groovy Boogie Costume
    Men's Groovy Boogie Costume
    Reg: $64.99
  • White Disco Pants
    White Disco Pants
    Reg: $36.97
  • Men's Deluxe Kiss Starchild Costume
    Men's Deluxe Kiss Starchild Costume
    Reg: $69.99
  • Adult Collector Kiss Space Man Costume
    Adult Collector Kiss Space Man Costume
    Reg: $329.99
123   View All

When you think about it, it is really funny that the best men's clothing styles of the 70s were polyester leisure suits and shiny disco shirts with big collars and low cut buttons for showing off thick, hairy chests. It makes the funkadelic hippie looks of the early decade seem much more hip. Either style makes a great Halloween costume for their own reasons. If you want the disco look than opt for the cheesy glitz of the white Saturday Night Fever leisure suit.

Other styles of men's 70s costumes include the swinger look, which will make you look like a suave playboy, and a selection of hippie outfits that for those guys who would rather be dead than in a disco.

To round out our collection for the 1970s we also include the best licensed costumes from the decade, The Brady Bunch and the rock band KISS. They are completely different yet both classic examples of crazy styles of the 70s. The Brady Bunch costumes feature mismatched stripes and plaids with character wigs that will turn you into Mike, Greg, Peter or Bobby Brady. Likewise, the KISS costumes are for the hard rocker. Not only are they the perfect Halloween disguise, they are downright sexy. If you could get half the girls Gene Simmons claims to have had, then a KISS outift is a worthwhile investment.

Pick a men's 70s costume and you are guaranteed a positive response from everyone. With styles like these, the decade will live on forever!

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