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Mens 80's Costumes

In the Eighties, style was driven by music. There were punks, hip-hoppers, head bangers, and kings of pop. For every style of music was a completely unique style of dress. Our men's 80s costumes take each of these looks to the extreme, capitalizing on the styles that were made famous by the leaders of the music world.

Punk and new wave was most popular in the early 80s. Men's 80s costumes for the punk style feature spikes, studs and a leather look. A spiked or Mohawk wig is a must-have for this style.

The heavy metal look dominated the 80s. Long hair, mullets and makeup were just a commonly seen on men as on women. So were items like silk scarves, spandex pants and Men's 80s Rocker costumes make you want to blast music from Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison and Def Leppard. Our 80s costumes recreate this look so you can go glam and still be sexy and cool.

Moving right along to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Michael, more than any other single individual in the 80s, created a phenomenon with the way they dressed. It started with his single glove and his military style that combined elements of popstar sparkle. Then later on, his style shifted to a "bad" look with leather, straps and studded belts. He was the king of pop as well as the king of style.

Finally, hip-hip and rap exploded in the 80s when it hit the mainstream. You can turn Halloween time into "Hammertime" with the style made famous by MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Other 80s costume styles for hip-hop feature streetwear like mesh shirts, jogging suits and the homeboy look.

If you want 80s Halloween costumes for adults, we are the best source around. We carry all of the popular styles that span this over-the-top decade.