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Mens Biblical & Religious Costumes

The stories of the Bible give both Christians and Jews alike the basis for how they conduct their lives. The retelling of biblical history teaches the stories to younger generations and reinforces our beliefs. Whether you are a pastor or a member of the flock, you should spread the word about our amazing selection of men's bible costumes.

It doesn't matter is you need biblical costumes from the Old Testament or the New Testament because the styles are the same. A men's shepherd costume would be equally suitable to portray the part of Moses as it would to portray John the Baptist. Any of these costumes could also be worn as a Jesus costume although there are separate styles devoted to Jesus Christ.

Whichever type of men's religious costume you need, we have. As for modern day religious figures, we have both priest and rabbi costumes and accessories that you can get in your choice of authentic or humorous versions.

Christians can get men's religious costume accessories such as crosses, rosaries and bibles. Jewish men can get items like a stromel hat with attached payis. You can also get men's bible costume accessories like shepherd hooks, wigs, beards and sandals.

Make your next pageant or religious presentation even more memorable with our Adult religious and biblical costumes.