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Mens Costumes

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Mens Couples Costumes

Finding coordinating his and hers costumes is surprisingly easy. There are hundreds of combinations of costumes that go together. Nearly every men's costume has a women's counterpart. We have made the process even easier by showing you the endless possibilities. Our mens couples' costumes section gives you so many ideas. You can use ours or create your own.

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Humorous combinations for men and women include the Plug & Socket Adult Costume, traditional couples costumes like our Woody and Jessie Couples Costume, and even our Spiderman and Spider-Girl combination. You can find scary combinations, humorous couplings and even famous movie and TV character pairings. You will be the most popular pair at the party when you don any of these fantastic men's couples costumes. However, amazing pairings aren't limited to man/woman combinations. It can also consist of couples costumes for two men like Batman and Robin or Captain Kirk and Spock. Likewise, two women can go as Crayola crayons, M&Ms or even Thing One and Thing Two.

Our line of couples' costumes includes styles that go together such as a male and female pirates. It also consists of and combinations that are contrasting like a convict and a corrections officer. A third idea is for the couples costume to be complementary such as Cleopatra and a mummy or a gangster with a flapper.

So as you can see, we've named many types of men's couples costumes in these short paragraphs. Just think of all the ideas you'll see on the following pages. Keep in mind that couples costumes are shown together but sold separately. The price you see is actually for the women's costume. The men's costume is an add-on that is sold separately.

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